About Us

Inspired by a thank you card from one of my patients, one night i decided to make my very own canvas by hand, with a little help from my partner. I was asked numerous times where can I get this canvas from? This then inspired me to create our flagship product, this is when Frontline Bubble came to life. 

Our mission is to inspire people to love. Our artwork is made with so much love and care. We believe it is beneficial to the mind and soul, and help to make the world a better place by growing friendships and building connections. Everyone deserves hope. We are dedicated to helping you express your love and affection towards your friends, your colleagues, your neighbours and loved ones through our designs and to inspire them to keep going when things are tough.

We've been overwhelmed by the incredibly positive feedback we have received from everyone who received our products. It inspires us to continue and reminds us of the hard work and achievements of every frontline worker during this difficult time.

We hope to motivate and inspire others the way it inspired us. 

Our customers' experiences mean a lot to us, and we want them to be part of our story. We do love to hear reactions from your family and friends when you present them with a Frontline Bubble gift. You can share that original inspiration and joy i got when i first received the thank you card from my patient.

Made by a frontline worker, for frontline workers.

Stay safe